Ridge the Echdna

An old character of mine created roughly 2010-2011. Wow; that’s a long time.

Anonymous asked: <

<3 - “I’ll tell you about someone I care about, without any names”

This person means the world to me and I love them so much. I am happy I am getting married to them one day. They’re a huge Star Wars encyclopedia and an even bigger dork, but them being goofy adds to their awesome charm.

They try very hard to get the hang of my pronouns and sometimes slip up, but it’s okay because they’re considering my feelings and respecting me as a person.

I have been together with them for almost 5 years. I plan to spend the rest of my life with them.

<: - “I’ll tell you something I like about myself.”

I like the fact I’m left handed? Sorry, I do not have much. I really do not like much about myself. Don’t be friends with me; I’m not a nice person.

put a “<3” and i’ll tell you about someone i care about, without any names.

put a “>:” and i’ll tell you something i dislike about myself.

put a “<:” and i’ll tell you something i like about myself.

Put a “>:c” and i’ll tell you something that pissed me off.

Put a “#” and i’ll tell you the last thing i lied about.

Put a “*” and i’ll tell you a secret

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Should I also upload my fan ponies here, or should I just keep them to my main blog?

lutyd asked: Yo, I really like your art, it's soooo cute! <3 It's always lovely to see someone drawing in the style of previous gens, even though I don't.

Awwh, thanks a bunch! This makes me feel all happy!! It’s okay to not draw in first style, but always remember to pay homage to the original generation characters by drawing them every now and then! Even give them an original flair!


I need to at least earn £100 by the beginning of September and another £300-£400 by December. I need this money as it will fund ALL of my art course coming up because ART TRIPS ARE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!

Sketch Commission Examples:




Flat Colouring Commission Examples:



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Fan art for awakened-artifact for his letsplay of Five Nights at Freddy&#8217;s.
I like to call it &#8220;NOT THE FUR SUIT&#8221;.

tipsyapollo asked: Oh, alrighty then! (Still going to follow you for your adorable art! u w u)

Thanks for understanding! And thanks for staying! <3

tipsyapollo asked: Gosh, while I understand that bronies have a really bad imago (you know, the ''fat'', lazy unemployed type), it isn't really nice to say all of them are like that. Sure, I've also seen some of the above described ones, but I've also met some really kind people aswell! (You really don't have to stop drawing gen 4 because you don't want to be seen as a brony. You could also just say you do not want to be associated with them! =o) I hope this message didn't come over as rude, though!

No, it totally didn’t! I’ve never seen myself as a brony so I don’t understand where you got that assumption from! Also, you’d be surprised on how a community can put someone off from actually getting involved in it!

I’m sorry if I come off as rude in this by the way!

I don’t want to draw gen four because

  1. It’s the worst of the 4 gens (in my opinion)
  2. If I were to draw fim ponies, I’d most likely upload it because I almost never draw traditionally any more and that way I would be contributing to a fandom I do not like.

In every fandom there is usually at least 1 nice person, and there most likely is in the brony community, but as of late, the fandom has been doing so much gross shit I don’t want to be a part of it at all. Also, I’d rather not have anything to do with 4th gen because it’ll remind me of all the gross things and that makes me feel like shit. It just really makes me mad when people say “not all bronies” because it’s basically excusing the ones that do cause shit. Seriously; they need to be called out!

I’m going to say this now. If any of my new followers are following me to get dirt or some shit on me, there is no point because this is an art blog, not a personal one!

I’ll probably never upload mlp to this blog (but I do have a mlp art blog for that so good luck finding that lmao). However, if you’re sticking around for my general art, I welcome you all with open cuddly arms!

Anonymous asked: thanks for that confession now i know who to not follow

Oh no, I now suddenly give -20 fucks.